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Languages Online

Targeted Learning Goals

Our languages online learning system teaches the skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking, as well as the background on a foreign language and its culture. It is self-paced and provides regular, targeted feedback. It integrates activities, interactive text, audio portions, and visual stimuli to give learners the most engaging and effective experience with a new language. Our system integrates words, phrases, and entire sentences in written and audio form, focused on developing proficiency in specific dialog topics.

Pedagogical Approach

Our system of languages online is able to support multiple pedagogical approaches, particularly in a blended-learning environment. The nature of transparent language’s primary customer base is such that the primary emphasis is on supporting faster, more reliable language acquisition and a more reliable transition from training to persistent and successful career-long sustainment and enhancement.

Lexicon, grammar, and a variety of skills are important and intrinsic to language proficiency; good technology addresses all of those areas. However, the most significant and measurable improvements in which technology can be a primary differentiator are on the lexical side, where great technology can reduce the training time-to-outcome and increase the rate of successful transition to persistent sustainment. “Lexicon” in this context meant broadly to include words, phrases, patterns and other “chunks” of language.

Up to at least the Intermediate level, the size and robustness of a learner’s lexicon correlates very tightly with overall proficiency. A more robust lexicon also offers significant advantages in the development of the language skills that are critical for advanced proficiency and beyond.

Our default pedagogical method is a “Declarative first” approach that emphasizes the quick and effective development of basic memorized proficiency in a foreign language. The focus is on growing each learner’s lexical repertoire and then using those learned words and phrases in activities that provide multiple opportunities to utilize newly acquired content in various setting and contexts.

Available Languages Online: Cantonese, English, French, German, Haitian Creole, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, and many more…

One year full access Course Number Estimated
Any one of our 80+ language programs LAN001 70 – 200 $250
Any two or more of our 80+ language programs LAN002 X(70 – 200) $350