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IT and Telecom TrainingEarn a
Diploma from a New York State Licensed and US Accredited school.

Duration: 230 Hours     Cost: $8,000.00 USD     REGISTER NOW!

Prerequisites: HS Diploma/GED, basic PC skills and familiarity with the Internet



Our IT and Telecom online training program teaches the foundation skills to build a career in IT, specifically in administering cloud based business solutions and operating in computing environments that use Microsoft Windows 10. It also teaches the capabilities of mobile devices, the features of Over-the-Air technologies, and messaging and collaboration tools. In addition, the student learns how to manage the process for how information is exchanged and gains a general awareness of the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL service lifecycle.

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Prerequisites: HS Diploma/GED, basic PC skills and familiarity with the Internet

Occupational Objective: Supervisor, Team Leader, Departmental Head, Director, Executive, Network Technology Associate

Program: 230 clock hours


Course Listing for the Online IT and Telecom Training Program

  • OFF346IL         36 Hrs       Managing Office 365 & Related Services (70-346 & 70-347)
  • ITP228IL          48 Hrs       Configuring Windows 10 and Devices (70-697 &70-698)
  • SCR111IL         36 Hrs       ScrumMaster (SCM)
  • TCM201IL        48 Hrs       Telecommunications
  • TIL201IL           26 Hrs       ITIL® Foundation for Service Management (ITIL® Foundation exam)
  • TIA226IL          36 Hrs       Mobility+ (MB0-001)


 Description of Courses

OFF346IL – Managing Office 365 & Related Services
36 Clock Hours

  • Office 365 Configuration
  • Office 365 Deployment
  • Managing Office 365 Cloud Identities, Synchronization, and Clients
  • Office 365 Federated Identities (Single Sign-On)
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Office 365 Usage
  • 70-346 Exam Review
  • Office 365 Services: Managing Clients and End-User Devices
  • 365 Services: SharePoint Online Site Collections
  • Office 365 Services: Planning for Exchange Online and Lync Online
  • 365 Services: Configuring Exchange Online and Lync Online
  • 70-347 Exam Review


ITP228IL – Configuring Windows Devices
48 Clock Hours

  • Introduction to Windows 10
  • Deploy Windows 10 with New and Traditional Tools
  • Configure Devices and Disks in Windows 10
  • Configure Networking and Remote Connections in Windows 10
  • Maintain Windows 10 and Configure Virtualization Technologies in Windows 10
  • Configure User Data in Windows 10
  • Configure Authentication and Secure Identities for Windows 10
  • Threat Resistance Technologies in Windows 10
  • Data Protection in Windows 10
  • Install and Manage Windows 10 Applications and Universal Windows Apps
  • Manage Windows 10 Devices
  • 70-697 Exam Review
  • Microsoft Windows 10: Supporting Operating System and Application Installation
  • Windows 10: Supporting Connectivity and Data Storage
  • Microsoft Windows 10: Supporting Authentication, Permissions, and Data Security
  • Microsoft Windows 10: Supporting Hardware, Performance, and Mobile Devices
  • Microsoft Windows 10: Supporting Client Compliance and Managing Clients
  • 70-698 Exam Review


SCR111IL – ScrumMaster
36 Clock Hours

  • Agile Project Management Essentials
  • Adopting an Agile Approach to Project Management
  • of the Scrum Development Process
  • Agile Planning: Project Initiating and Requirements Gathering
  • Agile Planning: Doing Estimates and Completing the Release Plan
  • Planning and Monitoring Iterations on an Agile Project
  • Leading an Agile Team
  • Managing Stakeholder Engagement on an Agile Project
  • Ensuring Delivery of Value and Quality in Agile Projects
  • CSM Exam Review


TCM201IL – Telecommunications
48 Clock Hours

  • IPv6
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
    • LDAP Fundamentals
    • Designing and Maintaining LDAP Directory Services
  • Voice over IP Fundamentals
    • PSTN and VoIP Fundamentals
    • VoIP Technologies
    • VoIP Quality and Security
  • Networking Fundamentals
    • Configuring Wired and Wireless Networks and Firewalls
    • Remote Connections, Shares, and Mac OSX Networking
  • Folder Skype for Business
    • New Features, Profile, and Contacts
    • Calls, IMs, and Meeting features
    • Sharing, Collaboration, and Video Calls
  • Understanding and Evaluating RFID Technology for your business
    • RFID Technology and Business Applications
    • RFID Applications Management
  • Internet of Things Introduction
    • Internet of Things Applications
    • Internet of Things Hardware


TIL201IL – ITIL Foundation for Service Management
26 Clock Hours

  • ITIL® and the Service Lifecycle
  • Service Strategy Fundamentals
  • Service Strategy Processes
  • Service Design Fundamentals
  • Service Design Processes
  • Service Transition Processes and Policies
  • Introduction to Service Operation
  • Service Operation Processes
  • Continual Service Improvement
  • ITIL® 2011 Edition Foundation Exam Review


TIA226IL – Mobility+
36 Clock Hours

  • Over The Air Technologies
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Mobile Device Management 1
  • Mobile Device Management 2
  • Security
  • Troubleshooting 1
  • Troubleshooting 2
  • CompTIA Mobility+ MB0-001 Exam Review