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communication skills trainingEarn a Diploma from a New York State Licensed and US Accredited school.

Duration: 122 Hours     Cost: $6,000.00 USD     REGISTER NOW!

Prerequisites: HS Diploma/GED, basic PC skills, and familiarity with the Internet




This online training program aims to increase the individual’s professional effectiveness in the workplace by teaching key communication skill set.

Confident communication skills training are essential for healthy and successful relationships, whether personal or professional. Once you’ve learned how to apply them, these skills enhance your influence and help you achieve your goals. Effective communication is always a challenge, and when diverse cultures are introduced, good communication can become even more challenging. Communicators have an enormous advantage if their relationships are based on rapport-building trust and credibility. But trust and credibility are not the only essentials. You also need to use specific communication behaviors to project confidence in all your verbal and nonverbal interactions.

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Occupational Objective: Administrator, Supervisor, Manager

Program: 122 clock hours

Course Listing – Communication Skills Training

  • COM101IL     12Hrs     How to Write an Effective Internal Business Case
  • COM111IL     06Hrs     E-mail Essentials for Business
  • COM121IL     02Hrs     Telephone Essentials for Business
  • COM131IL     06Hrs     Business Writing Basics
  • COM141IL     10Hrs     Business Grammar Basics
  • COM151IL     11Hrs     Interpersonal Communication
  • COM201IL     04Hrs     Workplace Conflict
  • COM211IL     10Hrs     Fundamentals of Working with Difficult People
  • COM221IL     09Hrs     Negotiation Essentials
  • COM231IL     06Hrs     Emotional Intelligence Essentials
  • COM241IL     04Hrs     Fundamentals of Cross Cultural Communication
  • COM301IL     06Hrs     Getting Results without Direct Authority
  • COM161IL     04Hrs     Listening Essentials
  • COM311IL     05Hrs     Constructive Feedback and Criticism
  • COM321IL     03Hrs     Anger Management Essentials
  • COM331IL     03Hrs     Communicating Effectively with the ‘C’ Level
  • COM341IL     05Hrs     Running Effective Business Meetings
  • COM251IL     04Hrs     Basic Presentation Skills
  • COM351IL     04Hrs     Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact
  • COM361IL     03Hrs     Professional Networking Essentials
  • COM371IL     05Hrs     Writing Skills for Technical Professionals