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Business Information Systems (BIS) is an ever changing and growing field of professional systems employed by all organizations. ABIS system in today’s world plays a very important role in leading an organization towards its business goals. It also creates an avenue to drive business innovation and to assist every business to be in conformity with all their legal requirements.
Understanding business information systems is of utmost importance for all professionals including business owners and executives who are the vital components in determining any organizations business direction; for information professionals who develop and implement new information services; for the financial team who develop the analysis and do the business reporting; for the marketing team who keep a track of sales and customers interest developing and branding their products accordingly.

In today’s environments all employers look for employees who are apt in understanding both the business and technology issues, so that they will have all the necessary skills and understanding to devote to the development of their organization’s strategy and planning towards technical implementation.
At Emerging Technologies Institute, we target and cater to the development of students, working professionals, managers and executives with all the requisite business information systems skills. We have a strong commitment to practice-based, industry-relevant teaching and research.

Our online training courses targets:
• Development of information systems strategy
• Training in business analysis and business process management
• Developing skills in enterprise systems and business intelligence
• Training for information policy, risk, assurance and governance
• Developing enterprise social media and digital disruption skills
• Training in project management areas.


Business Information Systems (BIS) incorporates within itself not only the tools and technologies that moves a business forward, but it also contains all the steps, the data and the various people that use that technology, data and the processes each and every day. In today’s environment BIS is included in each and every aspect of doing business, it is the effective use of technology to improve every aspect of doing business. Every individual who studies BIS understands the business model and how a business benefits using information technology. Every professional should have a thorough understanding of business technologies; they should know how to implement, manage, and use these various types of business technologies creatively and to use them to solve all their business problems. There are few things that are to be kept in mind when referring to BIS.

1. BIS is not equal to IT
BIS has no relation to developing a technology, the technology already exists, what a BIS user has to understand is to know how to use it. Since it is highly diverse, very valuable and rare technology, it is a very unfamiliar field for various professionals. The best way to look at BIS is like facilitators, who bridge the gap between business end of things and the IT side of things. They effectively translate business needs to IT requirements.

2. BIS means variety
Every day in a BIS professional’ life Is different, they learn how BIS concepts and technologies can help solve problems in the field of finance, marketing, HR, and the various other fields of business. Various core areas that use BIS are enterprise resource management, information management, innovation, process improvement an project management to name a few. Nowadays BIS is everywhere and in everything we do and literally every business process functions because of the effective use of BIS.

3. BIS equals Creativity
There is never a single solution to a problem in BIS, so a user can never replicate a current solution if you plan to improve upon a concept and stand out from competition, therefore a BIS user should always be ready to implement and use BIS in the most innovative ways.

5. BIS equals opportunity
There is business information systems in all the work we do daily. Chances are that by the time you get to work today, you would have easily accessed at least 5 business information systems already. There are numerous career opportunity as a BIS graduate, typically you can expect to work as business consultants, or as a business analyst. Business Analysts or consultants access the needs of overall business within organization and co-ordinate the overall design and development of IT solutions to improve efficiency and productivity often as a project manager.

At Emerging Technologies Institute we strive and put proper emphasis on imparting these skills to students a professionals alike through our Online business information systems training program specially catered each and every individuals needs.