Microsoft Office 2016 Training Courses – Online


Microsoft Office 2016 Training Courses – Online

Microsoft Office 2016 Training Courses

Earn a Diploma from a New York State Licensed and US Accredited school.

Duration: 128 Hours     Cost: $1,400.00 USD     REGISTER NOW!

Prerequisites: HS Diploma/GED, basic PC Skills, and familiarity with the Internet


The Microsoft Office 2016 training program teaches candidates to use desktop application programs including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Project, SharePoint, Visio, and OneNote to function effectively in an office environment in many positions that require day-to-day problem-solving skills.

Microsoft Word 2016 offers a variety of features that enable you to create well organized, visually appealing, and professional documents.

Excel 2016 allows you to create worksheets and workbooks to manage and manipulate data easily. You can cut, copy, and paste data. You can also navigate within data cells, and worksheets. Not only can you manage the data at this level, you can group, color-code, and organize the worksheets within the workbook.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 allows you to create professional-looking slide-show presentations on PCs, tablets, and phones.

Outlook 2016 provides all of the tools necessary for managing e-mail, scheduling tasks, and communication.

Access 2016 offers features that allow you to create and modify a variety of database types through a convenient graphic user interface. Access, as a desktop application, helps you store and manage related information in one place. It helps prevent errors, inconsistencies, and duplicate information.

SharePoint 2016 offers a number of new and enhanced features to increase efficiency and organization across users and locations. SharePoint lists allow you to keep track of important workplace elements, such as tasks and contacts, and are fully customizable to suit the needs of your organization. Organize, track, and share files across users and locations by storing them in document libraries, or organize related files further into document sets. Stay in tune with the pulse of your organization by creating alerts on SharePoint items and getting e-mail or text alerts when they change.

Microsoft Project 2016 provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to organize and manage your project from the first through to the last phase. Being able to use Project not only simplifies your work but can also help to reduce errors that might occur when trying to manage so many tasks and deliverables at once.

Microsoft Visio 2016 offers one-step connectivity with Excel data, information rights management (IRM) protection for Visio files, modernized shapes for office layout, detailed shapes for site plans, updated shapes for floor plans, modern shapes for home plans, and much more.

Microsoft OneNote 2016 can be used for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It gathers users’ notes (typed or handwritten), drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries.

Occupational Objective of our Microsoft Office 2016 training program: Information Clerk, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant

Program Duration: 128 clock hours

Microsoft Office 2016 Training – Course Listing

  • OFF116aIL       03Hrs        First Look
  • OFF116bIL       05Hrs        New Features
  • OFF116a1IL     08Hrs        Beginning Word
  • OFF116b1IL     12Hrs        Intermediate Word
  • OFF116a2IL     08Hrs        Beginning Excel
  • OFF116b2IL     12Hrs        Intermediate Excel
  • OFF216a3IL     08Hrs        Beginning PowerPoint
  • OFF216b3IL     12Hrs        Intermediate PowerPoint
  • OFF216c3IL     04Hrs        PowerPoint Best Practices
  • OFF216a4IL     08Hrs        Beginning Outlook
  • OFF216b4IL     12Hrs        Intermediate Outlook
  • OFF216a5IL     04Hrs        Beginning Access
  • OFF216a6IL     12Hrs        SharePoint for End Users
  • OFF316a7IL     08Hrs        Beginning Project
  • OFF316a8IL     08Hrs        Beginning Visio
  • OFF316a9IL     04Hrs        Beginning OneNote