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English Essentials for Speakers of Other Languages

Help beginner – and advanced beginner-level students prepare for practical, everyday interactions through the English Essentials series.

  • Native Language Courses: Ease students’ frustration and help them progress faster with paired language lessons – available for speakers of 10 languages and growing.
  • Common Situations: Whether they want to learn how to get around the city, deal with emergencies, shop, or go out to eat, students will find something of interest in our 11 themed units.
  • Over 30 Hours of Learning: Students will master words and phrases for basic survival and daily interactions while completing 33 engaging lessons.
  • Core Skill-Building Activities: Dozens of learning activities will engage the students as they build all four core skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Intermediate English

Using authentic dialogs, the intermediate-level English students will prepare for life in an English-speaking community with this immersion-style course.

  • Contextual Learning: Drawing upon their existing knowledge of English and using contextual clues will help the students to understand new concepts.
  • Themed Situations: From landing a job, to buying a home, 10 topical units will prepare the students for an English-speaking life.
  • Core Skill-Building Lessons: Students will listen, speak, read, and write their way through 39 skill-building, conversational lessons.
  • Thousands of Words and Phrases: Students’ heads will overflow with more than 3,000 vocabulary terms and grammatical concepts.

Vocabulary Lessons

With over 2,000 supplemental vocabulary items, students of any level will find the right word.

  • Paired Language Terms: Vocabulary lessons will use each student’s native language as a foundation to teach new English words and phrases.
  • Diverse Range of Topics: From animals to weather, as well as adjectives, prepositions, verbs, and beyond, there’s something for everyone.
  • Over 25 Native Languages: Vocabulary lessons are available for speakers of over 25 languages (and growing!)

Business Lessons

Get students started on the right foot in a new career with our Business English materials.

  • Over 100 Lessons: With paired content for Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Turkish speakers, your students will work their way through hours of instruction.
  • Practical Business Topics: From advertising to computer applications, investing terms, and much more, you’ll find business content for every student.

English in Context

Students will read, listen, fill-in-the-blank, and unscramble their way to a higher English proficiency with our ever-growing English in Context series.

  • New, Monthly Lessons: New lessons are added every month, meaning there’s always something fresh for our English students.
  • Contextual Learning: Drawing upon their existing knowledge of English and using contextual clues will help students to understand new word, phrases, and grammatical concepts while reading about everyday topics.
  • Engaging Topics: From science and technology to current events and American culture, lesson topics will always vary.
  • Archived Lesson Access: While new lessons are available for free each month, online subscribing libraries gain access to the full archive.

Which is English?

English students will love building their vocabulary, grammar, and an understanding of idiomatic expressions through this fun and addicting game.

  • Exciting Challenges: Presented in the form of pairs of words or phrases, each challengegets harder with each correct answer.
  • English Grammar Lessons: For each challenge, students must choose the answer that is grammatically correct or more natural – it’s a grammar exercise in disguise!
  • Compiled Results: At the end of each game, students can see what they got right or wrong, with explanations for each answer.
  • Awards: Students receive points for each correct answer based on the difficulty of the question. The top scores for each day will appear on the leaderboards.

English for non-English Speakers

  • English for Arabic, Modern Standard Speakers
  • English for Chinese, Mandarin – Simplified Speakers
  • English for Czech Speakers
  • English for Farsi Speakers
  • English for French Speakers
  • English for German Speakers
  • English for Greek Speakers
  • English for Haitian Creole Speakers
  • English for Hindi Speakers
  • English for Indonesian Speakers
  • English for Italian Speakers
  • English for Japanese Speakers
  • English for Korean Speakers
  • English for Malay Speakers
  • English for Norwegian Speakers
  • English for Polish Speakers
  • English for Portuguese, Brazilian Speakers
  • English for Romanian Speakers
  • English for Russian Speakers
  • English for Somali Speakers
  • English for Spanish, Latin American Speakers
  • English for Swahili Speakers
  • English for Tagalog Speakers
  • English for Thai Speakers
  • English for Turkish Speakers
  • English for Urdu Speakers
  • English for Vietnamese Speakers

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