Online Language Learning with Quick Results

Language learningEmerging Technologies Institute has partnered with a leading provider of best-practice language learning software for consumers, government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses. We have made available to our students 80+ foreign languages for English speakers and 24 English courses for speakers of other languages. In addition, our list includes Intermediate English for everyone as well as French for Arabic Speakers.




Within the 80+ languages included in our repertoire is a variety of course and supplemental learning material. This material is intended to support enhancement and sustainment for all levels of learner. Given that the preponderance of demand for language learning material exists at the Beginner to Advanced Beginner level, more of the learning material available to our students is oriented to those levels. Sufficient material and activities exist at higher levels to keep intermediate and advanced learners engaged in the language learning system.

The core of our vocabulary building system uses a 5-step flash card learning process. This rapid learning system is based on a proven method that takes learners through a series of simple steps to memorize words and phrases. Each lesson takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. In addition to the rapid flash card based learning system, our learning tools also include a set of activities specifically designed to drive vocabulary acquisition and retention, including the EveryVoice™ pronunciation practice and speech driven activities.